The Oregon Business Plan is a statewide initiative of Oregon's business community to shape a long term vision and strategy for creating more quality jobs in our state. 

Since it was launched in 2002, the Oregon Business Plan has provided the strategic framework for Oregon's business and elected leaders, working together, to build a stronger, more competitive state economy.  Many of the initiatives introduced at the first Leadership Summit in 2002 have already been achieved, including key investments in innovative micro- and nanotechnology research, road and bridge improvements, a federal forest health bill, expansion of development-ready industrial lands, and a coordinated state branding campaign.

The Business Plan pays special attention to the primary source of Oregon's prosperity: our traded-sector industries. Businesses in these industries sell their goods and services primarily outside the state, creating jobs and bringing in new dollars that benefit local communities.

Traded-sector industries need an economic climate with the right mix of education and workforce capabilities, an attractive quality of life, reasonable business costs, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit statewide. We call these ingredients the four Ps -- people, place, productivity, and pioneering innovation -- and they help guide the formation of our short-term initiatives.

The Oregon Business Plan effort is led by the Oregon Business Plan Steering Committee -- a coalition of business leaders representing diverse industries and associations from across the state. The Business Plan effort is supported by all the state's major business associations.  Year-round staff support for the Business Plan and its annual Leadership Summit is provided by the Oregon Business Council. 

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